Knife Sharpening Stone

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High Quality professional grade stones used for sharpening all types of blades. Available in either 180 grit or 600 grit.

Total Length 20 cm
Width  5 cm
Thickness 25 mm
Weight  430 gs
Finishing  180 or 600 Grit


Our sharpening stones are a 600 grit for regular sharpening or 180 grit for rough cutting, I’ve personally used these stones for many years and a good portable option for maintaining your knife edge. 

A stone is designed to create a new cutting edge once your existing one will no longer hold a straight edge, bear in mind if a steel is not used correctly when honing and you roll your edge, this can give the impression your knife is blunt.

Before using a stone check if your edge has rolled by running your thumb sideways over your edge to feel for a bur, if you feel this on one side you can reset this by steeling on this side with the attempt to straighten the edge, this is usually the problem for many knife users, never run your fingers or thumb up the blade for obvious reasons.

Once you have stoned your knife and it is ready for honing, with the correct steel this process shouldn’t be required for sometime unless a poor edge was created.

Check out our sharpening service and let us eliminate the frustration and cost of replacing knives and gadgets, with the right equipment you will be surprised at the efficiency of your knives.

180 Grit

Made from Silicon Carbide, the 180 grit sharpening stone is pretty coarse, ideal for very dull or damaged knives.

600 Grit

Made from Silicon Carbide, the 600 grit sharpening stone is a very file single grit stone for final honing of chisels, knives and blade cutting tools.