Sharpening Service


+64 3 379 7071 or 027 261 4699

Knifetechnz are now happy to offer our proffessional sharpening service for a large range of knives, from the home kitchen to commercial factories. Our competitive prices make sharpening your favourite knives cost affective and fanatstic to use, our specialised patented sharpening steel has been designed to complement our service and take the hard work out of keeping your knives sharp, make filleting, boning and cutting easier with both our product and service.

Our machine can sharpen single or double edge knives and we use a overall 27 degree angle for maximum sharpness. Please see below for the pricing table:

2 Knives $19.99 inc GST and freight
4 Knives $31.99 inc GST and freight
6 Knives $43.99 inc GST and freight
8 Knives $53.99 inc GST and freight
10 Knives $63.99 inc GST and freight
15 Knives $88.99 inc GST and freight
15+ Knives Contact Dean to find out more information about this service.


  • Our price includes return freight.
  • For sending knives use suitable packaging such as cardboard of a box or sheath, any sheaths sent will be returned, the main point is knives are made safe to handle.
  • Turnaround for orders is usually 2-5 days once received, however we cannot guarantee the postal service speed of items being received, our courier bags are usually overnight, ticketed items allow 1-2 days, so a 5 day buffer should be allowed for returns. Larger quantities may need up to 7 days.
  • For 20 or more knives contact us direct.
  • Please send your knives in to us at: 479 Hills Road, Marshlands, Christchurch 8051 (New Zealand)