6" (15.5cm) Knife Sharpening Steel

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Not only will a sharp knife properly cared for make cutting or filleting easier, it will make the task safer as well. A dull or jagged knife requires more pressure and is more likely to slip when you are using it. Our professional grade steel is ideal for sharpening all types of blades.

Steel Size 6" (15.5 cm)
Total Length 29.5 cm
Thickness 13 mm Dia
Weight  235 gs
Finishing Fine


Compliment this steel with our patented sharpening guide designed to take the guess work out of steeling, as the pre set angles provide easy, accurate and consistent sharpening and tailored towards our professional users in  the fish, meat, hospitality and other production type industries where productivity and yields are important.

The guide reduces the time needed for knife training, especially in an environment where staff turnover is high, taking less time for new staff to become productive. 

This also benefits contract staff that need to stay productive and helps reduce the added risk of injury from running a blunt knife by maintaining a straighter edge with minimal effort.

Our guides have also been magnetised for production environments that require metal detection.  

Purchase with our 6" specialised steel or buy the guide on it's own, guides are simply fitted by screwing in a right hand thread motion making these adjustable on your steel, with a tolerance of plus or minus .2 on around a 10mm round steel. Our 9" steel is no less effective but more for the domestic market with it's more compacted design for the kitchen draw or fishing box.

Steeling restores the edge

Chefs and meat cutters frequently pause and “steel” their cutting edges. Steeling doesn't sharpen an edge; it straightens it. That's necessary because the thin edge actually bends or warps while you're cutting. If you could see the edge under a microscope, it would look wavy, and it would feel dull while cutting. Steeling the knife straightens out all those waves to restore a straight, even cutting edge. So when your knife begins to seem dull, don't sharpen it—steel it first. Every time you grab a knife for the first time to begin cutting, steel it before you even get started.

Sharpening Tips

1. Hold the steel and knife firmly.
2. Keep the blade at a consistent angle, eg 22 degrees
3. Use smooth downward strokes on the steel from heel to top of blade.
4. Repeat on both sides until burr straightens, increase the angle if the knife does not respond.