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You know whats annoying about a lot of sharpeners on the market, their either difficult to use or simply fall short on promise and after sales service.

Our guide is made to take the guess work out of steeling, as the pre set angles provide easy, accurate and consistent sharpening and tailored towards our professional users in  the fish, meat, hospitality and other production type industries where productivity and yields are important.

The guide reduces the time needed for knife training, especially in an environment where staff turnover is high, taking less time for new staff to become productive. 

This also benefits contract staff that need to stay productive and helps reduce the added risk of injury from running a blunt knife by maintaining a straighter edge with minimal effort.

Our guides have also been magnetised for production environments that require metal detection.  

Purchase with our 12" specialised steel or buy the guide on it's own, guides are simply fitted by screwing in a right hand thread motion making these adjustable on your steel, with a tolerance of plus or minus .2 on around a 10mm round steel. Our 9" steel is no less affective but more for the domestic market with it's more compacted design for the kitchen draw or fishing box.

Sharpening devices that use rollers or tungsten blades can shred a machined edge and once this has collapsed, resharpening is required, which is half the battle.  
The difference between Sharpening and Honing, is sharpening removes the metal from your edge to form a perfect V in theory and can vary in angles, where as honing is maintaining the straightness of the V once formed, which simply roll back and forth. An incorrect angle will cause your edge to roll out of alignment and cut inefficiently, as a straight edge is required, which the guide provides 
Our sharpening service provides a freshly sharpened edge to start with and the Sharpener will maintain the correct angle for precision cutting at an affordable cost, for any queries or advice please contact me personally.