9" Steel & Specialised Patented Sharpening Guide

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You know whats annoying about a lot of sharpeners on the market, there either difficult to use or simply fall short on promise and after sales service, not the time to find out after a days catch and having to struggle through what can seem like hours of filleting or hard work in the kitchen.
Our latest Patented sharpening guide has been designed to make sharpening easy and accurate, the pre set angles provide consistent sharpening every time,  taking the guess work out of sharpening whether in the kitchen or out the back filleting up your catch.
Sharpening devices that use rollers or tungsten blades can shred your knifes machined edge, once your edge has collapsed this will need resharpening, which is half the battle. 
The difference between Sharpening and Honing, is sharpening removes the metal from your edge to form a perfect V in theory and can vary in angles, where as honing is maintaining the straightness of the V once formed, which simply roll back and forth. An incorrect angle will cause your edge to roll out of alignment and cut inefficiently, as a straight edge is required.
Our sharpening service provides a freshly sharpened edge to start with and the Sharpener will maintain the correct angle for precision cutting at an affordable cost, for any queries or advice please contact me personally.