9" Steel & Specialised Patented Sharpening Guide

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Our latest Patented sharpening guide has been designed to make sharpening easy and accurate, the pre set angles provide consistent sharpening every time, this is a must for every knife user.
Honing a sharp knife with a sharpening steel should be the only tool you will need to keep a straight edge, using any other sharpening device that uses rollers only shreds your knifes machined edge, once your edge has collapsed this will need rebuilding, which many users struggle with.
Using a honing steel accurately will keep your knife running smoothly for years in the kitchen depending on work load.
Our specialised patented sharpening guide has been developed for easy use whether a novice or professional, the removable angle allows a range of knives to be sharpened whether filleting, boning or using in the kitchen 
Knifetechnz also provide a sharpening service if you need to start with a freshly sharpened knife, at knifetechnz we machine sharpen our knives between 25-27 degrees for maximum sharpness, our guide is also set at the same angle, we also make a variety of pre made angles for personal preferences, cheaper knives can be as high as 42 degrees which makes precision cutting difficult especially when filleting.

Only available from Knifetechnz – limited stock, orders are available if sold out