5” Boning Knife

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Consisting of a specialised plastic handle, a 5" stainless steel blade, this high quality professional grade knife is ideal for boning.

Size 5” / 12.5 cm
Total Length 26.5 cm
Width  2.3 cm
Thickness 2.5 mm
Weight  90 gs
Finishing  Mirror / Tapered


Our boning knives come with a 5 or 6 inch blade and black plastic handle. The steel hardness of our blades are soft enough for ease of sharpening but hard enough to maintain a sharp edge and the correct firmness of the blades when using. 

Knifetechnz only stock these 2 boning knives due to the popular demand from the meat industry for less knives. All our knives a sharpened with our specialty machine for maximum sharpness.

These knives are also used in the fishing industry for trimming fish products and can carry out a wide range of jobs with the shorter blade.