Boning or Sticking Knife and Sheath Gift Set

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You always need a gift for someone in the family, whether it be a birthday, Christmas, Father or Mothers day, a simple thank you or for yourself, make it a special day with one of our gift set range, which come in 3 options for both filleting knives or boning knives, we have you covered.

Boning knife gift sets:

$45.99 Boning knife & sheath

$86.99 Boning knife, sheath & VSharpening (most popular)

$111 Boning knife, sheath, VSharpening & cut resistant glove

Sticking knife gift sets:

$45.99 Sticking knife & sheath

$86.99 Sticking knife, sheath, VSharpening (most  popular)

$111.00 Sticking knife, sheath, VSharpening & cut resistant glove 

Having a sharp knife makes all the difference whether in the kitchen, out on the boat or the farm and with one of our knives we can guarantee that, and just in case, a cut resistant glove is a good idea.

The knife selection for the filleting gift sets are from our popular range, and the boning knives come in a 5" or 6' inch blade, so make some ones day by purchasing one of our gift sets for that next special occasion or for yourself, and if you need a resharpen on a previous purchase or an old favourite knife, Knifetechnz provide a sharpening service also, just check the website for pricing.